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The term trademark has been defined under Section 2(1) (zb) of the Trade Marks Act 1999 as a mark which is capable of being represented graphically and capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one individual from those of other individuals and may include the goods’ shape or their packaging and color combinations.

Before applying for a trademark, it is crucial to search for a trademark to ensure that it doesn’t already exist as someone else’s trademark. 

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a kind of intellectual property which consists of a recognizable design, expression or sign which identifies a service or a product from a particular source and distinguishes it from others. The owner of a trademark can be an entity, organization or an individual.

What is a Trademark Search?

Trademark search refers to searching trademarks using websites and tools to ensure that the design, sign or expression you want to get trademarked doesn’t already exist as a trademark of another individual or entity. By searching for a trademark, you can confirm that your brand name is unique. This will help you to avoid trademark infringement in future. 

In case your brand name is not unique and already exists, your trademark application will get rejected. Therefore, doing a trademark search is necessary before filing a trademark application. If you want to check trademark in India, you can do trademark search with the help of Registrationwala Trademark Finder

Why is a Trademark Search crucial?

While selecting a brand name, it becomes critical to examine the originality of the name. When you have a distinctive brand name, you have the exclusive right to such a name which can help you to develop a favorable brand image in your clients’ eyes.

In the trademark registration process, a key step is the act of analyzing search results. You can easily check whether any similar brand names or trademarks are already in use by doing a trademark search. This is important since it can help you to avoid any trademark infringement case in future.

Trademarks for products and services are categorized under the Trademark Act of 1999. There are forty-five distinct classes of trademarks in total. Verifying the details of your class is a crucial stage in the trademark registration procedure. Professional guidance and advice may occasionally be necessary while conducting a trademark search. 

List of Trademark Finders in India

You can conduct trademark search using trademark finders in India. Here is a list of some popular trademark Finders in India:

1. Registrationwala Trademark Finder

Registrationwala is a well-known trademark search platform. To use the trademark finder on Registrationwala, follow these steps:

  • To find the details of a trademark in the tool, choose ‘Trademark’ from the dropdown menu. 
  • Thereafter, search the name you have decided for your brand. If some results related to the name pop up, it is best to avoid using that name for your brand. 
  • After the result appears, click on it and the relevant details of the trademark such as status, date of application, class(es), type, registration state, country, documents, and proprietor trademark will appear.
  • If no result appears, then you can choose that name for your brand and go ahead with the trademark registration process. For assistance, you can reach out to trademark consultants at Registrationwala.

2. Vakilsearch Trademark Search

Vakilsearch is one of the leading trademark search platforms in India. You can conduct a trademark search online with the help of Vakilsearch’s search tool. Locate ‘Register your trademark’ on their website. Below it, there is a search tool where you can enter your brand name. If there is a similar brand name which already exists, it’ll show up in the search results. By doing trademark search, you can protect your intellectual property.

3. IndiaFilings Trademark Search

You can utilize the easy-to-use, free online trademark search tool provided by IndiaFilings. You can use this tool to see if your preferred name is available as a trademark. You can start by doing a quick search to find out if the brand name or logo you have picked is already in use. 

To access IndiaFilings trademark search tool, enter your brand name in the search option then click on “Get TM Search Report”. For detailed guidance, you can get in touch with the professionals at IndiaFilings.

4. Razorpay Trademark Search

Razorpay offers a free trademark search feature with the help of which you can accurately find company names, domain names, trademarks and social media handles associated with your business name in just one click. Razorpay trademark search tool provides details related to CIN, allocation status, date of incorporation and state of an existing company in search results. By doing trademark search on razorpay, you can fetch accurate information directly from the trademark database.

5 . Professional Utilities Trademark Search

Another trademark search tool or trademark finder is Professional Utilities. In the first search box, type the brand name or trademark you want to register for your business. Then select the industry type/class under which your business falls out of a total of 45 classes in the drop down menu. To know more about the different classes of trademarks, you can utilize the Trademark Class Finder of Professional Utilities.

The third box is not mandatory but if you specifically learn whether any other trademark contains the exact word or is phonetically similar to your selected trademark name, then you can use this box. Now, click on the search icon. After this, you will get all the information related to the searched trademark. 


By conducting trademark search, you can do a thorough analysis of your brand name, logo, design, symbols and so forth. The trademark finders compare this information against several databases containing trademarks which are registered in India. By doing a simple search for trademarks in India, you can protect your intellectual property and also your business’ brand image. 

Trademark search helps individuals and entities to avoid any legal conflicts and trademark infringement cases in future. If you want to conduct trademark search in India, you can use any of the trademark search tools mentioned in this blog post.

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