Google’s Gemini Mobile App Launched in India

Generative AI chatbot Gemini’s mobile app has been launched by Google in India in English and nine Indian languages.

In a blog post, Google said, “Both the Gemini app and Gemini Advanced, which gives users access to Google’s most capable AI models, will now be available in nine Indian languages, helping more people access information and complete tasks in their preferred language.”

The app is available in Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. Further, all the nine local languages have been integrated into Gemini Advanced.

Many new features have been added in Gemini Advanced by Google, including new data analysis capabilities, file uploads and the ability to chat with AI chatbot Gemini in Google Messages in English language.

Apart from India, other countries where the Gemini app has been launched include Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

What did Google CEO Sundar Pichai say?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the Gemini mobile app’s launch on X, where he said in a post, “The app allows you to type, talk, or even add an image to get the assistance you need. Take a picture of a flat tire for instructions on how to change it, or get help writing that perfect thank you note – the possibilities are endless.”

How can I access Gemini?

To access Gemini, you can download the Gemini app through the Play Store or opt-in through Google Assistant. Then, you can use Gemini by corner swiping, hitting the power button (on select phones), or by simply saying “Hey Google.” 

Gemini access is available on iOS straight from the Google app. All you need to do to start a conversation with Gemini is to press the Gemini toggle.

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