samsung partners with paytm

To enhance Samsung Wallet users’ experience, Samsung has partnered with Paytm.

Movie bookings, events, flights, and buses have been made possible through Samsung Wallet thanks to the collaboration with One 97 Communications, the company that owns the Paytm brand. 

By providing a smooth, integrated booking experience straight through the Samsung Wallet and enabling access to a variety of services through Paytm, the partnership seeks to improve convenience of the wallet users.

With this collaboration, Galaxy smartphone users will now get seamless access to Paytm’s wide range of services, including flights and bus bookings, movie ticket purchases, and event bookings, all integrated within the Samsung Wallet.

Galaxy smartphone users using the Paytm app for flight, bus and movie bookings and the Paytm Insider app for event booking, will be allowed to send tickets directly to Samsung Wallet using the ‘Add to Samsung Wallet’ option. This will enable these users to easily access these to enter bus terminals, cinema halls, airports, event venues and so on.

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