Delhi HC seeks details from Tesla Power India in Trademark Case with Tesla Inc.

Tesla Power India in Trademark Case with Tesla Inc

Gurugram-based Tesla Power India has been asked by the Delhi High Court to present an affidavit detailing the stocks and sales of their EV scooters, which includes providing the dealers’ names, dates of launch and the current stock availability.

According to a report by ET, this order, issued by Justice Anish Dayal, is part of a trademark case filed by Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc.

This comes after the court decided on May 22, 2024, to postpone the trademark infringement complaint hearing until May 28, 2024.

The court’s order was prompted after Tesla Inc. argued that, despite an undertaking by Tesla Power India, the firm was selling EV scooters, under various sub-brands, through dealers. The matter will now be heard by the High Court today i.e., on 30th May, 2024.

The HC forbade Tesla Power from publishing advertisements, featuring its EV products earlier this month. It also instructed Tesla Power to provide a response to the allegations. 

According to Tesla Inc., photographs and brochures of EV motor scooters available for sale were uncovered by an independent inquiry, and these images have been provided as evidence.

Tesla’s legal action against Tesla Power India comes at a time when many Indian startups and tech companies are facing copyright and trademark infringement claims. For instance, Killer Jeans pursued a case against Netflix India for usage of the term “KILLER” in its show known as ‘Killer Soup’.

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