Tendulkar receives standing ovation at Wimbledon Centre Court

When cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar took a break to enjoy an afternoon at the Wimbledon on 6th July 2024, he was greeted by him a standing ovation from the packed house at Centre Court. 

Wearing a beige suit, Tendulkar grinned broadly as he waved his hands in recognition following the enthusiastic reception from the Center Court audience. Wimbledon posted a video and wrote on X,”It’s great to welcome you back to Centre Court, @sachin_rt.”

The announcer in the Centre Court also welcomed the Indian maestro, “We are also joined by a legend of the game from India, another World Cup winner and the all-time run-scorer in cricket history. Please welcome Sachin Tendulkar.” 

Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, and former captain Joe Root of England were all there in the Royal Box, seated directly behind Tendulkar, making it a cricketer’s day out at the Centre Court.

Another post read, “Three @englandcricket superstars join us in the Royal Box. It’s great to have @root66, @benstokes38 and @josbuttler with us at #Wimbledon.”

The cricketers were present to see the third-round match between Cameron Norrie of the UK and Alexander Zevrev of Germany. For many years now, Tendulkar has been a regular at the Wimbledon at this time of the year.


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