SEBI receives ‘Best Conduct of Business Regulator’ award in Asia Pacific

SEBI receives 'Best Conduct of Business Regulator' award in Asia Pacific

The Asian Banker, a financial company, has awarded Sebi the “Best Conduct of Business Regulator” award in Asia Pacific for its role in enhancing the regulatory framework for securities markets in India.

SEBI’s full time member Kamlesh Chandra Varshney received this award, on behalf of all the Sebi members, in a ceremony held in Hong Kong.

The Asian Banker released a statement, stating, “This authority (SEBI) has been actively working towards instantaneous settlement. In 2021, T+1 settlement was introduced in a phased manner, which was fully implemented from January 2023. This move has provided investors with faster access to their funds following trade execution and settlement, enhancing market efficiency and liquidity.” 

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The statement further added, “Through rigorous enforcement and innovative regulatory practices, SEBI has significantly improved the conduct of business in the country’s financial markets, ensuring fair treatment of consumers and robust market integrity.”

The Asian Banker is headquartered in Singapore. This company creates platforms to build a greater sense of community amongst players belonging to the financial services industry, including traditional banks, digital disruptors, fintechs and platform players.

The financial company also publishes rankings and ratings of various institutions, individuals and processes to establish high standards when it comes to the delivery of finance products and solutions.

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