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If you’re planning to start a magazine in India, it is necessary to get RNI registration for the same. RNI registration for magazines can be obtained from the Press Registrar General of India (PRGI), formerly Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) office. Without this registration, magazines cannot be published in India.

Magazine Registration Process

Just like newspapers, magazines also require RNI registration. However, only the magazines which are physical publications are required to be registered with PRGI (formerly RNI). At present, RNI registration isn’t required for the e-magazine registration process in India.

Before the Press & Registration of Periodicals Act of 2023 came into force, the RNI magazine registration process was manual and cumbersome as it included multiple steps and approvals. This would cause unnecessary complications to those who wanted to get their magazines published. However, with this new Act, the magazine registration process has become simpler and can be easily completed online through Press Sewa Portal.

The steps involved in the registration of magazine through the new Press Sewa Portal are as follows:

Magazine Owner to Sign Up as a User

To initiate the registration process, the proposed magazine’ owner must sign up and create a profile on the Press Sewa Portal by furnishing relevant information as required along with 5 proposed titles in the order of priority.

These title options must be in accordance with the rules established by the Press Registrar General for this purpose and cannot be the same as or similar to a title already held by any other owner of a magazine or any other periodical, either in the same language in any part in India or in any other language in the same state.

Synchronized submission to PRGI and the Specified District Authority

The Press Registrar General and the Specified Authority in the District have simultaneous access to the Applications that are submitted via the Press Sewa Portal. Hence, no further application needs to be sent to any other offices or portals.

Invitation to be extended to the Publishers by the Magazine Owner

After creation of a profile, the magazine owner is required to extend invitations to their designated publishers associated with their magazines using the Press Sewa Portal.

Signing Up as a Printer (Owner or Keeper of Printing Press)

The printer, who might be the magazine owner or keeper of the printing press, needs to create an online account on the Press Sewa Portal and furnish all the necessary information required by the portal.

Signing Up and Creation of Profiles by Publisher

The publisher(s) who are invited or appointed are required to create their profiles or accounts on the Press Sewa Portal by providing all the necessary information required on the portal.

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Nomination of the Printer by Publisher

The publishers, as part of the magazine registration process, are required to nominate or choose their respective Printing Press from the Press Sewa database in cases where the Printing Press account is already available in the portal’s database. If not, they can make a request to the printer to create a profile on the Press Sewa Portal so that the publisher can then select them as Printer for the proposed magazine.

Submission of Magazine Registration Application by the Publisher

Once profiles of publishers and printers are created and all the necessary details are provided in the magazine registration application, the application has to be signed digitally. Once done, a payment of prescribed fee must be made using Bharatkosh digital payment system.

Correction Window for Submitted Application

It is normal to make some mistakes while submitting the magazine registration’s application. However, the publisher can make minor modifications in the application even after the application for magazine registration is submitted provided that such modifications are done within 5 days (120 hours). After this period, the publisher cannot make any changes in RNI application.

Unique Application Reference Number for Future Reference

Once the magazine registration application is uploaded successfully, an acknowledgement is generated by the Press Sewa Portal along with a unique 10-digit alphanumeric Application Reference Number or ARN. This ARN is used by the publisher and PRGI for all future references and correspondences.

Timely Response in case Deficiency Communication is Issued

After the initial review, if necessary, the Press Registrar General of India (PRGI) office will issue a deficiency communication. The publishers must provide their responses within a 30-day period. If the applicant fails to adhere to this specified period, it will result in the rejection of the magazine registration application.

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Registration Fees Payment using Bharatkosh

A registration fee of Rs. 1000 must be paid by the publishers using the Bharatkosh digital payment system which is integrated in the Press Sewa Portal of PRGI.

Magazine Registration Application’s Revision

If the publisher wants to revise the registration details, an online facility for the same has been made available by the Press Sewa Portal. The profile of the owner or the publisher contains the option for revising the changes in the particulars of the magazine in the submitted application. 


Before the Press & Registration of Periodicals Act, 2023 came into force, the registration for magazines and periodicals was done according to the provisions of the Press and Registration of Books, 1867 according to which RNI was the authority for RNI registration for magazines. However, with the new Act in force, the Press Registrar General of India (PRGI) is responsible for the grant of RNI registration. RNI registration was online previously but now with the introduction of Press Sewa Portal, this registration is completely online. When a publisher applies for RNI magazine registration using this portal, they are updated about the application status at all stages through SMS and emails to ensure transparency and eliminate delay in miscommunication. If you need assistance in magazine registration in India, get in touch with Registrationkraft.

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