Rejection of IEPF Form 5

IEPF Form 5 is used to claim refunds from IEPF authority. However, this form may get rejected by the authority at times. Read to know more.

What is IEPF Form 5?

Refunds may be requested from the IEPF authority by any individual whose unclaimed or unpaid money has been transferred to the IEPF by the company. The claimant must submit form IEPF-5 and the necessary paperwork in order to make a claim for this amount.


When verification reports and necessary paperwork are not received by the Authority within 60 days after Form IEPF-5 filing, claims are dismissed. The claimant and the concerned company are contacted by the Authority prior to rejection, and a response is requested within a 15-day period.

Ensure timely submission to avoid form rejection!

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