How to know your EPF Account number

Employee Provided Fund is a scheme launched by the government in 1952 to provide financial help in an emergency or after retirement. In this scheme, the employee and employer both contribute some part towards the PF account of an employee. To the employees, a 22-character alphanumeric PF number is assigned. Similarly, a UAN number which is a 12-digit Universal Account Number issued to the eligible employees of the Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). Any person can have multiple PF account numbers but only one UAN number. 

How to Find PF Account Number? 

  • Check the Number in Your Salary Slip: Your employer operates your PF account and you can find your EPF account number on the salary slip. Along, with this you can find your and your employer’s monthly contribution to the PF account. So, you can download the salary slips from the internal login portal, or by mail. 
  • Consult HR Department: In case, the details of your PF account number such as the contribution amount and the number are not mentioned in the slip, then you can ask the Human Resources (HR) Department for details. So, maintaining the details of employees’ PF accounts is the responsibility of the HR department. Also, in case you don’t receive salary slips from the company. Or get them at the end of the year, then also you need to contact the HR department. 
  • Use the UAN Portal: To check your PF account number, use your UAN which is a unique code for every EPF holder. Use this number to log into the UAN portal. In case you don’t have your UAN number then you can generate it from the EPFO website by using a mobile number. You can also access your PF account through the UMANG app. 
  • Visit the Regional Office: If none of the above options works, then visit the EPFO office, approach the grievance cell, and submit the KYC details along with a grievance redressal forum. After the successful completion, you will receive details of the PF account number in your mail or message. 

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Uses of Provided Fund Account 

  • Build a saving corpus that you can use after retirement to maintain your lifestyle. 
  • Works as a financial backup for emergencies. 
  • A Corpus of amount will be created by adding small monthly amounts from your salary without adding a one-time lump sum amount. 
  • PF account holders can take a loan against the PF balance and the levied interest rate is 1% (may differ in some cases). 
  • Free insurance under the EDLI scheme, in case of death during the service period the holder became eligible for insurance amount Rs. 7 lakh. No need to pay a premium amount. 
  • An account holder can withdraw up to 90% of their PF balance per the EPFO rules. 
  • Eligible for monthly pension after 58 years, but in the PF account the contribution must be regular for 15 years. 

Documents Required for PF Withdrawal? 

  • Universal Account Number assigned to every member of the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) on their names. 
  • The Aadhaar Number is linked and verified with UAN. 
  • Bank account number where the amount of PF will be deposited. Provide the bank account which is linked to the Aadhaar. 
  • For any change in the information, complete the e-KYC before applying for a claim. 

How to Apply for PF Withdrawl in India? 

EPF withdrawal can be categorized into two types: complete withdrawal and partial withdrawal. Read carefully and follow the steps provided in a tabular form to apply for PF withdrawl in India

Step 1Log in to the online portal of EPFO by using your UAN Number and Password. Fill in the captcha code and Sign in. In case you forgot your password, then reset it through the UAN number and captcha code. 
Step 2Visit the online claim section under the online service option. 
Step 3Fill in the bank details connected with the PF account, in the same bank account, you will receive the amount. So, fill in the details carefully. 
Step 4Confirm the Terms and Conditions, and click on ‘Proceed for online claim’. 
Step 5Select a reason to withdraw the money, after selecting a reason different option will appear as per the reason you choose. Fill in the details and send a request for OTP.  
Step 6Once you fill out the OTP, your application for the claim will be submitted.  


To conclude, once you complete the online application for a claim, you can track the status of your claim through the website. The withdrawal of the claim can be done if you are unemployed for more than 2 months. Otherwise, the EPF withdrawal is sanctioned for specific purposes such as medical expenses, marriage, home loan, etc. You can read more information on employee benefits on RegistrationKraft in an easy and understandable manner. 

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