189 cases registered by Legal Metrology Department against Commodity Suppliers

The Legal Metrology Department (LMD) in Andhra Pradesh has registered 189 cases against essential commodities’ suppliers, according to the Commissioner of Civil Supplies Department.

Among these cases, 110 cases were related to suppliers dealing in sugar, 74 cases were related to suppliers dealing in tur dal and 4 cases were related to suppliers dealing in palm oil.

Officials, during the inspection, discovered that some suppliers underfilled packets by as much as 10% of the net quantity. 

On 15th June, 2024, the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food & Civil Supplies Nadendla Manohar inspected the Mandal Level Stock Point (MLS) in Tenali in AP’s Guntur District.

The LMD was ordered to conduct inspections at all 251 mandal-level stock points after discovering discrepancies in the net quantity of essential commodities’ packages of sugar, tur dal, and palm oil.

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Following the instructions of the minister, the LMD conducted special raids on essential commodities distributed between 16th – 22nd June, 2024, at 251 MLS points in AP.

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